We are starting at the point where the frames have been cut out and assembled. (For a description of how frames are assembled, see Frame Kits in the "About our Plans and Kits" directory.)

Building forms may vary in type but the principles are basically the same. The assembled frames are mounted on two longitudinal stringers that have been leveled both lengthwise and athwartship. Each of the frames is spaced the distance specified in the plans and centered. The frames are left loose until adjustments for minor descrepencies are made. Then the frames are attached to the form using wood blocking or metal angles. Usually the frames for inboards are fastened permanently as the set up members serve as motor stringers. The frames for other types of boats are most often only temporarily fastened. Refer to the plans for specific instructions. Of course, some small plywood boats use much simpler building forms, and in the case of Stitch-N-Glue boats, none at all. NEXT