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Post by tclark »

I am, working on plans for a SUP, unfortunately I purchased the plans from another source before Glen -L listed their SUP plans. I have a couple of questions.

Should I coat the inside of the board with epoxy? In theory, the inside should not get any water in it since I will fiberglass the outside.

Along the same line, once the SUP is encapsulated will the trapped air inside expand and cause a blowout if it is in the hot sun?

Should I add foam floatation. To me this seems like extra weight, the trapped air inside should be plenty to float it. Any observations on Adding foam or benefits?



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Re: Paddleboard

Post by SeaPea »

Hi Tom,

I built a non Glen-L SUP a few years ago and didn't encapsulate the inside.

There is no added flotation and it's been fine.

My plans said that if you filled the inside you wouldn't need to add a vent. I added a vent for those hot days in the sun (put "surfboard vent" into your search engine)




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Re: Paddleboard

Post by benpetre »

It should be vented. These seem to be the best rated "automatic" vents: ... p-779.html

I am using them in my SUP build. Just deciding between 1 or 2 for my board.
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Re: Paddleboard

Post by tclark »

Thanks to all for the comments. The vents make sense to me and I will surely check them out. Also makes me feel better about NOT putting epoxy on the inside of the hull, which will save a little money, time and weight.

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