warped forms

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warped forms

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I am building a 16' drift boat. The plans call for forms made of 3/4 plywood( not marine) that create the shape of the boat. All three forms have warped in the wing extensions where the sheers will be wrapped. I took them off and weighted them down, but after a week when I remove the weights the warp is still there. I assume I have to start over, but what will keep it from happening again? I think you guys will get tired of hearing from me before this project is done!

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Re: warped forms

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Hey Bruce,

Don't start over, the next sheet from the home center will be warped too. Looking at David Marchetti's build in the Gallery www.boatbuilders.glen-l.com/driftboat-d ... s-new-york I see a bit of framing (seat supports?) attached to the forms which would help a "wavey" form some. You could also take some of your scrap plywood, cut into 4" strips, and screw them to them to the form perpendicular to the warp to flatten it. Stay well inboard and you should be good and solid.

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