a Short gold tale

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a Short gold tale

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Gold came to us from Outer Space as a Shotgun blast.
The Earth was still hot then. The Tectonic movements spread the Gold all around.

That area known as Western CA came from below the Pacific Sea Bed.
It was pushed up where it is now by the pressure from the Pacific plate Sub-ducting the North American plate.
So those Mountains that keep sliding down in the Rain were never more than Rubble from under the Pacific Ocean.

Only an ignorant Gold Miner would dig a tunnel in Rubble, thinking it was safe to go in and Dig...

I did a sort of Hydraulic mining in AK.
I went up the side of the hill, got some Rich Dirt in a 5 Gallon Bucket. Took that down and 'washed' the dirt in my Sluice down in the Creek.
So why's this tale on a Wood boat site? I made my sluice from local Wood. Cotton wood and Spruce, and Birch.
So I learned that the Cotton Wood is a waste, but the Birch was best.

The Worst Danger I ever faced was a curious Cow Moose.
I really enjoyed those efforts. The $400 I got was like a breath of fresh air.
But in actual wages and expenses I got Pennies for my trouble.
But boy did I have fun. :lol:

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