Terrible Boat Show Explosion

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Terrible Boat Show Explosion

Post by Roberta »

Please check your boat to ensure it has approved fuel lines and proper ventilation. Sniff out any fuel leaks before starting. Run those vent fans. Make sure all electrical devices are Marine Approved to prevent sparking. Make sure the fuel system and all devises are properly grounded.

Here is a link to what can happen.

https://www.woodyboater.com/blog/2019/0 ... explosion/

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Re: Terrible Boat Show Explosion

Post by Bill Edmundson »

One ounce of gasoline vapor in an enclosed space is equal to a stick of dynamite!

We had a glass boat explode from our condos. He had trouble starting it that morning. It cut out a couple of times. He idled out to the inter-coastal waterway. He tried to hit the throttle and it died again. When he tried to restart she blew. Everyone was thrown from the boat. The guy had to be air lifted to Mobile. The boat burned to the water.

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Re: Terrible Boat Show Explosion

Post by Hercdrvr »

I saw this too, tragic. I think of going boating like going flying, it requires a preflight.
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Re: Terrible Boat Show Explosion

Post by Biss »

Yep, same thing happed at Lake Catherine, AR a month or so ago. Explosion at the boat ramp when launching. Several were burned and air lifted to the hospital.

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