Radar and wood boats......are we stealth technology??

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Radar and wood boats......are we stealth technology??

Post by kens »

Perhaps this topic is geared towards the 'True Grit' guys,
but I am interested in the image our boats show on marine radar.
It is my understanding that radar (safety and search function) cannot see a wood boat, nor fiberglass for that matter.
Therefore our wood boats would be so-called 'stealth' technology.

I do not have radar and have nothing to compare it to. BUT, can a search/rescue vessel that DOES have radar,,,, can he see me if I call Mayday ???
Has anybody looked at a wood boat on radar? A fiberglass boat? Sailboat?

There are widgets for sale that are a 'radar reflector' supposedly the purpose is to make yourself seen on a search/rescue radar.
Is a galvanized bucket a radar reflector?? Hang it on the masthead??

You take a 2-lite coke bottle and stuff it with tin foil and hang it on masthead, that is a radar reflector???? yaa or nay?

Anyone with radar looking experience, please chime in.
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Re: Radar and wood boats......are we stealth technology??

Post by TomB »


I went out of South Haven in a 43' Tiara a couple of weeks ago. Beautiful sunny Friday, resort town, flat Lake Michigan = a busy seaway. Made me a little nervous with so many boat, most seemed unaware of any "rules of the road".

Enter the Raymarine radar. Amazing! It showed everything, both sides of the break walls and all the little boats...jet skis, kayaks, everything. Sadly, there weren't any real boats (wooden) out that day.

In my sailboat days, we used a radar reflector, round aluminum disks at right angles to make a ball structure that went up the mast on the spare halyard.

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Re: Radar and wood boats......are we stealth technology??

Post by TAB »

If you are really worried about it you can buy a radar reflector. They are super cheap and even come in folding models.

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