Admitting the Truth

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Andy Garrett
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Admitting the Truth

Post by Andy Garrett »

Many years ago, I watched Groundhog Day starring Bill Murray. In that film Bill's character said something that resonated with me then and even more so now. That line was, "You like boats, but not the ocean."
I was born in a coastal town, and from a very young age, I found no joy at the beach. I find open water to be profoundly lonely and desolate. I feel the same about lakes to a lesser degree. The truth is..., I don't really enjoy boating. But, I love boats.

Building my Zip over 3 and a half years was the most rewarding experience of my life. I love working with my hands. I love to create. I thrive on the sense of accomplishment completing creative projects gives me. This is likely why I spent so many years as a tattoo artist. This is why I've been a custom knifemaker for 15 years. This is why I have printed plans for 3 different airplanes I hope to build. In the same vein, I loved the process of studying for my pilot's license but I seldom fly. I don't enjoy flying the way most pilots do. I certainly don't LOVE it. But, I love airplanes as much as boats.

I love any object where art meets engineering. I'm always fascinated by how the features that make these kinds of machines beautiful, are the same features which make them perform as they should.

I enjoyed building my boat more than anything I've ever done, but I just don't think I enjoy owning that much. My recent post about 2020 being a 'boating bust' and the comments you guys left, helped me see that I don't really even miss the water.

So..., after much deliberation, I'm going to touch up the boat, make a few changes I've been putting off, and part with it. I don't have any idea what it it's worth in money, but it has been priceless to me for the joy of building it. Much of that joy was found right here in these forums. I get to keep that joy forever, but the boat..., she will find a new home to make room for a classic car project for my wife--she has a thing for old Thunderbirds.

Perhaps someday, I'll build another.

Here she is in her prime a few years ago:
Andy Garrett

Perhaps the slowest Zip build in Glen-L history...

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Re: Admitting the Truth

Post by vupilot »

For some its the journey, for others its the destination. Some people are builders and darn good at it. Others just manage to survive through the build to get to the end result.

Keep building brother! Whatever it is. And swing in to tell us about it once in a while too!

Look forward to seeing the Zip again after the refresh

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Re: Admitting the Truth

Post by Hercdrvr »

I share your thoughts on boating vs boat construction. My first build was focused on completion and getting on the water, now the focus is on the process. Sea trials are fun and part of the process and then the boat goes into the maintenance phase in my mind. Time to completion is an external concern to others who see completion as the measure of success. Other than the drying time of epoxy or varnish, boat construction frees me from the constraints of time.
Our forum is favorite place of retreat for my mind. It is a place with a singleness of purpose like no other. May I suggest you build another boat, something far outside your capabilities and beyond what you are comfortable with.
Matt B

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