Bruce "PA PICKER" - Do Not Buy From This Guy!!

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Bruce "PA PICKER" - Do Not Buy From This Guy!!

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I hate to do this publicly but I don't want to see anyone else get burned by this guy...

BRUCE "PA PICKER" - DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS GUY!!! Worst case of "My dog ate my homework" I've ever seen...

Bruce "PA Picker" - sold me some vintage Chris Craft Windshield brackets via FB Marketplace and paid on PayPal in March of last year. Unfortunately when they arrived I noted the center bracket didn't match the wings and it was bent (fractured) on the bottom. Right then and there I should've filed a dispute with PayPal but he promised to get me a replacement so I figured I'd be the nice guy and let him work it out. BIG MISTAKE! I even asked to send them back for a refund and was told by this guy he would fix it.

Supposedly he has a freshly cast part but can't seem to figure out how to get to his local U.S. Post Office or UPS shipper. I've even tried to get him to use a pick up request at his home! Apparently he can't find a box to ship it in or a marker to write my name / address on the front!

Here is the long list of excuses that has been going on since March 14th , 2020:
"We're on lock down due to Covid, I can't leave my house"
"I'm home schooling my kids and it takes all of my time"
"I have a newly cast bracket but I need to polish it and I'm waiting on sanding drums I ordered"
"I can't get to my shop"
"I need to drill the screw holes"
"I'll get it out to you before the end of September"
"I'll get it out to you next week"
"I'll get it out before Thanksgiving"
"I'll get it out before Christmas"
"I'll get it to you Monday, you'll have it by Thursday"
"I'm on anti-biotics and can't get to the shipper"
"I had an electrical failure in my shop and had to get that fixed"
January - 2021
"I slipped on some ice and haven't gone anywhere"
Jan. 11th - "Tomorrow I should have it shipped"
Jan. 14th - "I didn't make it to Parcel Post on time, it will ship tomorrow" "I need a label and my printer isn't working"
"My MIL is sick so wife went to see her and I don't have a car, we have another car but it needs work and an inspection for a year now, I'll get it out on MLK day" (the P.O. isn't open that day..)
Jan. 22nd - "I sent my wife to ship it and there were 3 or 4 people in line and she didn't want to wait"
Today - "Send your address again...."

Buyer beware..... Don't assume the other guy is as honest and true as you are, and whatever you do, don't buy from Bruce "PA PICKER".
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