Type of wood & encapsulation

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Type of wood & encapsulation

Post by Jimbob »

I visited a local classic boat restoration shop the other day. They were working on a classic Hackercraft. The bottom of the boat had rotted out and they were in the process of replacing the frames and the bottom. Turns out the frames were made of Ash and the bottom skin was non marine plywood. The bottom of the boat had rotted away. I felt good that we on the forum will never have that problem.
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Re: Type of wood & encapsulation

Post by JimmY »

Cold molding with full encapsulation appears to be a far superior building method.

I read somewhere that Chris Craft only expected the bottoms of their boats to last 6 years. The only way I would consider one of these classic old boats would be if it was a bare frame that I could cold mold on top of. It would be a better performing boat since it would need to carry around 400lbs of water!
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Re: Type of wood & encapsulation

Post by BayouBengal »

All the classic boat owners now are going back with the Don Danenburg recommended 5200 bottom and having excellent results. I sure hope so anyway since that's what I did with my boat (while constructing it). Tough to say whether the double planked 5200 bottom is as good or better than cold molding. We'll know in about 20 years.

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