jazzband on a fisherman

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jazzband on a fisherman

Post by stefaan »

Just want to share this great day of boating with you!

Due to the covid pandemic, live concerts are not allowed here to prevent people from gathering in large numbers.
I decided to invite musicians on my small fisherman and sail them around in my home city Ghent in Belgium.

We decided on a continuously moving concert through the city to usher in the first day of spring with a musical signal.
We sailed through the center of the city and into the suburbs to reach and connect as many residents of Ghent as possible.
Bart Maris played the trumpet like a foghorn with percussion by Giovanni Barcella and the outboard motor was played by me.

Here's a small impression on youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_CsykDt ... tV&index=2

We also tried out a speedjazz experiment at 26 mph :wink: : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSsDxiR ... JGEa6B9ItV
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Re: jazzband on a fisherman

Post by Roberta »

Great idea in a great venue.

Roberta :D
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Re: jazzband on a fisherman

Post by kens »

that's pretty cool.
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