Glen-L Boatbuilder Interviews?

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Butch Barto
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Re: Glen-L Boatbuilder Interviews?

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For me the power hand planer is the most useful tool besides a tablesaw.I built a Tahoe 23 if I change any thing after using it for 6 years I would make the second seat longer and also the engine hatch biger for easyer service.I like making all the trim around the cocpit and all the topside woodwork was the moast fun .The hardest thing for me was figuring out where and how to drill the propshaft hole.It was a good project but took a lot longer than I expected.I spent a lot of time on small details.

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Re: Glen-L Boatbuilder Interviews?

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  • How fast will it go?
    Is it for sale?
Paul Miller in Memphis, TN
"Yeah, I had lunch with him last week at the Cracker Barrel out on I-40."

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Re: Glen-L Boatbuilder Interviews?

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Did you make any fandangled tools or devices when building your boat and what were they?
If you deviated from the plan design did you calculate the weight of all the proposed changes and adjust according to the center of buoyancy?
How did you deal with repainting or touch-ups to the hull with the trailer in the way? :evil:

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