where to purchase copper wire?

What kind, options, etc.

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where to purchase copper wire?

Post by jhires »

Not that I have looked too hard, but where or what type of retailers should I look at for buying copper wire for stitch and glue projects.

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Re: where to purchase copper wire?

Post by vupilot »

Right here on the good 'ol Glen-L Catalog and support those who support us.

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Re: where to purchase copper wire?

Post by coltondunn »

Now so many online sites are also available from where you could easily buy any type of wires & other electrical tools..Even you could also go for nearest hardware or electrical store...

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Re: where to purchase copper wire?

Post by scottinwv »

Not the cheapest, and not the easiest, but when I ran out and only needed a few more feet and didn't want to wait for an order to arrive I found thermostat wire to work. I had to pull the two wires apart and strip it, but it allowed me to finish that day.


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