Frearson vs. Square Drive Poll

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Do you prefer Frearson or Square Drive Silicon Bronze Screws?

Poll ended at Thu May 12, 2016 11:42 am

Square Drive
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Re: Frearson vs. Square Drive Poll

Post by Adrock1 »

I voted square drive just because I've found them much less likely to strip. Honestly though I've had no issues with the frearson screws. I use a dewalt tapered bit and countersink to drill the holes. I drive the screws with with a regular #2 Phillips bit in my 12volt Milwaukee impact driver. I haven't broken a screw yet.

For those who haven't used an impact I highly recommend picking one up. They work very well. I suspected it would be more likely to breaks screws but I've found the opposite is true.

graham mackay
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Re: Frearson vs. Square Drive Poll

Post by graham mackay »

Square drive every day, and that's not just because I'm a Canadian!
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Re: Frearson vs. Square Drive Poll

Post by Mark-NJ »

I finally got some square drive screws....what a difference!!

Agreed: they don't have a "classic look", but for ease of use (zero tearout of the heads), these are much better than the Frearson.

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