Fastners for aluminium in 42 Hatteras

What kind, options, etc.

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Fastners for aluminium in 42 Hatteras

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Hey suggestions please. I'm removing aluminium frames in a 42 Hatteras. Not because of leakage but due to corrosion. I'm told this has been done twice before, the last time being about seven years ago and it was painted with awlgrip and Fastened with self tapping stainless screws....the corrosion is not limited to just around the fastners. It has areas throughout. My advise to the owner is anodize the frame and research best Fastners..stainless steel?? I'm familiar with isolation techniques when using different metals. Lanocote, plastic washers between metals etc. Is there a Fastner used by aluminiumboat builders (sea ark , Lowes ) which is preferred to stainless. Some alloy ?
The owner wants to powder coat the frame. Is that a good plan. Personally I have not had great luck with powder coat. What is the best professional technique. ?

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