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Hello I am to build a Tahoe 19 I soon finish the veneer of the hull and I will be ready to drill for the ruler and the tree of choice Can you help me for the numbers of the necessary parts I’ve selected for my boat Deluxe Speed Strut – Bronze 12 Item Number: 90-116 , Shaft Log - 12 Degree Pol Alum Item Number: 90-211, Inboard Rudder - 1" Bronze Item Number: 90-016M, Brass Rudder Stuffing Box - 1 Item Number: 90-102B
Are these pieces suitable for a Tahoe 19
Thank you

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I'm sorry I didn't see this on the Forum back in April but glad you contacted us directly and that we were able to get the parts you needed. These parts will work for the Tahoe and similar designs with a 12 degree motor, for those of you out there building the Tahoe. Depending on the engine, that degree can vary. In addition, Mario got a bearing for the strut #90-282, a safety collar to make sure the rudder doesn't fall out the bottom of the boat #90-461, a shaft stuffing box #90-223B (comes with hose and clamps) and a rudder tiller #90-028B.
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