Cover boards telegraphing problem

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Cover boards telegraphing problem

Post by slug »

All started with me following plans instead of my own intuition :( . I didn't install enough frame supports under the cover boards before installing them, and consequently they came out less than uniform. I also had terrible African mahogany to work with and it stained up terrible. Soooooo, ended up filling some depressions and painting.

Since finishing, the cracks between some of the strips have telegraphed through the finish as you may be able to see in the photos.

Question: Do I epoxy after leveling then refinish, or would it be advisable to glass then finish, much as I wouldn't want to as it would entail blending in to the bright cherry?


Thanks; Doug
After sanding roughly
After sanding roughly
Deck paint
Deck paint

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Re: Cover boards telegraphing problem

Post by JimmY »

Hi Doug,

I think the question is "do you think the covering boards are stable enough?" If cracks have opened up since you first glued them up without any real stress, laying on more epoxy may just open up down the road (or out on the lake). Glassing may help to stabilize them.

Also, was the wood properly dried? I've had wood working project where I've glued up panels, sanded them flat, and then had the glue line rise up as the wood continued to shrink a bit as it dried more. If the cracking is due to this, you might be ok with just epoxy. and making sure the bottom is encapsulated properly.

My $0.02
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