Great Painting & Varnishing Accessories

Painting options, interior and exterior.

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Great Painting & Varnishing Accessories

Post by Jimbob »

Ran across something at Rocker Woodworking I thought I would share with youall. It's a pancake syrup type dispenser that clamps down to a can of paint or varnish. The neat thing is that you can stir the contents by turning the crank on the top. You can also store the can with the top attached. The other thing that I use is Bloxgyn that blocks the oxygen in less that full cans of paint so they don't skim over. Pics attached.
here's the stuff
here's the stuff
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Re: Great Painting & Varnishing Accessories

Post by vupilot »

Nice! I could have used some of those a month or two ago. They will defintely pay for themselves in saved paint.

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Re: Great Painting & Varnishing Accessories

Post by CaptDave »

Very cool. I will see if my local woodworking shop has these things.
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Re: Great Painting & Varnishing Accessories

Post by JimmY »

Also, check out the "stop loss" bags that Glen L sells. I've used these for other finishes and they work well.
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