waterproofing wood

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waterproofing wood

Post by SamsBoat »

Looking for some advice on sealing the interior wood surfaces of a boat. It is completely open to the elements and about thirteen feet. The wood is currently raw but we are about to stain with a water-based stain. The exterior of the boat has been stained, fiberglass & epoxied and varnished. Any recommendations for waterproofing / sealing the wood would be helpful.

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Re: waterproofing wood

Post by WayWard »

It's hard to beat epoxy.

I've used MAS before. But bear in mind if you don't varnish it will yellow on you. May or may not matter.

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Re: waterproofing wood

Post by JimmY »

Epoxy is the general go to here for water proofing and protecting wood. Most (all?) epoxies are NOT UV stabilized and will age in the sun, so you need to paint on some kind of UV protection (e.g., Varnish, marine paint, etc...). Lots of choices in paints.
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Re: waterproofing wood

Post by PeterG »

Epoxy encapsulation is commonly done and works well for most of us here for new built boats. Depending on how you are finishing the interior (you mentioned staining) there is another product called Smith's CPES, or Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer. Typical epoxy formulations don't soak very much into the grain of the wood. But CPES is a specialized one part almost watery epoxy that is intended to soak into the wood fibers and cells to prevent moisture and mold spores from causing rot. It will still require a top coat of UV protection like varnish or paint, but will not have as thick of a coating buildup like regular epoxy can. You basically paint it on until it stops soaking into the wood. It smells like hell until it cures but it's one of the best ways to seal the wood to protect it. Most antique boat restoration shops use it for sealing the wood structure and interior of the planking to protect it from rot and from moisture intrusion, which can expand and stress the wood causing splits and popped joints.
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Re: waterproofing wood

Post by Katie »

There are some ways to water proof the wood. Prepare your wood by rubbing off any previous finish with sandpaper. You can use two different sandpaper grits-rough to get the tricky parts and then fine to give the wood a uniform finish. Apply the End Grain Sealer Kit according to the instructions. You’ll usually want to use a paintbrush, taking special care to get a uniform coat on the wood. Use the kit in the order prescribed, allowing it to dry as necessary. For new built boats Epoxy encapsulation is commonly used. Alternative one is Clear Penetrating Epoxy Sealer.

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Re: waterproofing wood

Post by kens »

are you going to paint it, or do you want it bright wood??
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