sanding between coats of varnish

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sanding between coats of varnish

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Here's something I discovered by trial and error.
"always read and follow label instructions"
My can of varnish says dry sand between coats with 220 grit paper.
I thought I was doing a better job by wet sanding with 220 grit, but found out that I could not see any orange peel or imperfections with the wet sanding. What really worked better for me was to dry sand with my bosch random orbital sander that has good dust collection between coats. I could then see any imperfections and took care of the them with a block sander. The boat is now perfectly smooth and ready for the final coats of varnish.
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Re: sanding between coats of varnish

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When wet sanding, you always want a good squeegee at hand and want to rinse and squeegee often; then you'll easily be able to see the sanding marks even when sanding as fine as 1500 grit.

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sanding between coats of varnish

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I primed the hull with Interlux Pre-Kote, and then sanded it back to translucent in some areas as recommended by Interlux on the can. Now, I rolled and tipped Rustoleum Gloss Sail Blue last night. I thinned the paint around 5 with mineral spirits. That worked well. I have included a photo. But, I need to apply at least one more coat, and probably two more coats. How much do I sand between coats? Do I use the orbital sander, or do it by hand? Thoughts here?


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