Problems with a dark paint color on hull?

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Tom J
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Problems with a dark paint color on hull?

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I'm getting ready to fiberglass and then paint my plywood hull after deciding the putty fill holes and ply joints will expose my "basic" knowledge of plywood boat building if I leave it bright. I used a water based stain thinking it would hide those marks but it actually made it look worse. So, while reading the System Three Epoxy book (p 18-19) they suggest any color as long as it is light. They state that dark colors will heat up the hull in summer sun to the point of having the weave of the fiberglass "print through" as well as shrinkage of putty. After admiring many different wood boats, many of which have dark painted hulls, I am wondering what the experience of others has been with any problems with a black or dark blue hull.
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Bill Edmundson
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Re: Problems with a dark paint color on hull?

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On my Tahoe, finished bright, I have noticed some print through. It says under cover most of the time. It was finished in 2008. I think epoxy shrinks over time. Excess heat probably speeds up that process.

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billy c
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Re: Problems with a dark paint color on hull?

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Yes you will have problems with dark stains or colors. Epoxy will soften enough to allow the cloth to show the weave. Not immediately but a few seasons in. I have a few natural light finished kayaks in cedar and never a problem.
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Re: Problems with a dark paint color on hull?

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I'm keeping tabs on this discussion... I planned on a dark blue hull with red mahogany deck for my Malahini. May have to rethink the color? That or plan on dealing with print through at later refinishing.
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Re: Problems with a dark paint color on hull?

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:D I'm trying a hunter green hull using latex house paint.might have change to yellow so I might have a "Yellow submarine" :lol:
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