Touching up stain

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Touching up stain

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I have been touching up my boat because of small imperfections, and where I have sanded through the varnish and gotten in to the stain in a couple of spots.

I came up with a something that has worked well for me. I picked up a hvlp touchup gun at HFT for about $30 that works great. I thin down the stain and spray the area. The gun puts out a fine pattern similar to an air brush. I can follow up with the same gun spraying varnish over the new stain thinned 50%. The gun can be opened up to cover a wider area like a conventional gun.

Read about the stain markers on a ACBS email. The two colors shown are a good match for the Chris Craft mahogany and walnut stains. They work well also.

Thought someone might find this useful.


Jim Neeley
Building a Barrelback in Sacramento, CA

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Re: Touching up stain

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Great idea, Jim. Thank you for sharing that...
Gayle Brantuk
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