'Supermarine' is now 'Blue Water'

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Andy Garrett
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'Supermarine' is now 'Blue Water'

Post by Andy Garrett »

As I gear up to rework my top-deck and do some touch-ups, I have discovered that the Supermarine 'Ironsides' mil-spec paint that I used is now Blue Water 'Revolution'.
The product code is still SM-1000 and the color codes look the same too. I will asume that primers and related products are also available under the new branding.
What was the Ironsides clear coat (SM-266) is now a stand alone 'top coat finish' under the same code.

So..., if anyone was wondering about Blue Water Paints, there ya go.
Andy Garrett

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Re: 'Supermarine' is now 'Blue Water'

Post by vupilot »

Interesting Andy, thanks for sharing. I dont think this is the first time it has changed names either. In the end it turned out fine for me using SM1000 but having now used others that have been around for decades with great results I wonder why I used it in the first place. It was only because they had more color choices to match my motor.

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