DryLok masonry paint For bilge paint

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DryLok masonry paint For bilge paint

Post by Ga-Steve »

I have searched and searched to see if this product would work on wood. If so, this would probably be an excellant bilge paint. Thoughts welcomed. Steve

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Re: DryLok masonry paint For bilge paint

Post by galamb »

I would suspect that it would need to penetrate (soak in) to the surface (since concrete is porous).

So are you suggesting using this on the "bare wood" in the bilge area?

Personally, I have coated the entire bilge area of both my (self built) boats with epoxy and don't know if this product would stick to that, so at least for "me", I would not have chosen that product.

What I used in the bilge area, over the epoxy, was Interprotect 2000, which is a "below the waterline" primer that forms a "water barrier" AND it will stick to any surface (epoxy, fiberglass, wood, metal etc). Yes, it's $75/gallon, but one gallon well coats the entire bilge.

Yes, Plywood is "real" wood :)

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