Teak, not boat related

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Teak, not boat related

Post by TAB »

My mother is a recent amputee, she needs a shower seat. Sadly, do to her very odd bathroom situation, no comm'l units will fit. So i am going to have to build 1 for her( than ship it 800 miles) any recommendations for a finish that will last for a while foe this environment?

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Re: Teak, not boat related

Post by kens »

Use Teak, mahogany, Cedar, Cypress, Sapele, Red Grandis, Spanish Cedar, any of these,
Do not use Oak, Ash, maple, poplar,
I built the cedar strip canoe from Western red cedar from Lowes, had to go by the way home from work every day and sort thru all of it and attempt to get 1 decent board per day.

Then do your seat or thingy as a bolt together deal and encapsulate it before final assembly.
Oak..........the juice ain't worth the squeeze :D :shock: :o :)

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Re: Teak, not boat related

Post by TomB »

The teak shower benches I've seen are natural finish. I have a mahogany and santos chair that has been outdoors for ten years. It has three coat of teak oil and has held up very well. I would recommend the teak oil approach and here's why...An encapsulated varnished finish would last forever and be easy to clean but it would also be slick when wet. Better to have a bit of texture to avoid a slip. (Your mother would appreciate a visit once in a while to re-oil the bench too :D :D ) Tom
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