What to know about air type paint sprayer?

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What to know about air type paint sprayer?

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How do they work?
The method of applying paint to the surface depends on the design features of the tool.
In models with a lower and upper tank, the paint is sprayed due to discharge (it is created by air) in models with a built-in pump-also due to air; only it is pumped into the pump.
In all cases, the material is supplied by natural gravity, and sprayed due to the volume of air and its pressure, equal to about 8 atm.
Where are they applied?
A huge advantage of this principle of operation is that the paint is applied to the surface in a thin layer, and as a result, almost perfect coloring is provided.
For this reason, the tools are found in areas where [urlhttps://www.designinggeek.com/5-gph-electric-paint-spray-gun/]high-quality coating [/url] is required.
As a rule, this is a finishing paint job in small-scale and large-scale production, when one spray gun is used with several types of paint in turn, for example, car service stations and automobile factories, production of wooden windows and doors, furniture factories, and small furniture workshops, etc.
An example of a popular aerial model for the professional painting is the Wagner Wall Perfect with a long gun and a painting speed of 15 sq. m in 5 minutes.
For household work, for example, applying lime whitewash on uneven wall surfaces, the EKRP-600/0.8 caliber is suitable, less powerful, but productive, equipped with a long hose for hard-to-reach places.
What is considered a disadvantage?
Low paint transfer coefficient, which is associated with low pressure, which does not provide sufficient paint pressure from the tank.
The smallest paint particles collide with the air environment and can not pass it, forming a colorful fog.
This small cloud of paint is constantly present around the user, making it difficult to see and accurately apply the material.

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