Small trailerable houseboat

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Small trailerable houseboat

Post by jimwood »

I have been researching building small house boat 20-24' trailerable. Can I build one of the house boats plans on the market and successfully power it by battery/solar backup?

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Re: Small trailerable houseboat

Post by jcallends »

Is it possible, of course, is it practical, depends. The entire roof of the houseboat would have to be covered with solar cells and a large number of batteries would be on board. the batteries alone will make this boat very heavy and increase the power needed to move it. What happens the day you take the boat out for a spin and the suns not shining and you exhaust the batteries? So you put on a back-up gas motor and gas tank, now the boat is heavier yet. As a demonstration project this would be very interesting, as a pleasure boat forget it. Several years ago someone on our chain of lakes tried this technology with a pontoon boat and an outboard retrofitted with an electric motor. I never saw it away from his dock and eventually it disappeared. In addition solar cells are not cheap.

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Re: Small trailerable houseboat

Post by Lowka53 »

here is a idea of cost of solo panels you would sill problly need a back up genie
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Re: Small trailerable houseboat

Post by J Purcell »

Hi Jim,

I missed your intro post, but since we are neighbors, I thought I would say hi here.

Is this something you want to use on this side of the mountains?

Here is a map of the solar resource potential for the state (not counting the clouds :) ) ... y_maps.htm

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Re: Small trailerable houseboat

Post by Stevengould46 »

Check out this site. Duckflat boats. There have been very fine and sucessful solar electric trawlers built. Go for it.
And look at WoodenBoat Magazine issue #185. I'm going to build it.

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Re: Small trailerable houseboat

Post by DennisL »

I use a Coleman mighty max 12/24v, weighs 22 lbs and can charge 2 batteries at once in 10-15 minutes. It's not that quiet and is a two stroke, but sips the gas.

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