Power Yak Stability

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Power Yak Stability

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Considering building Power Yak ... anyone have any comments on boat's stability? I'll be using only on local SoCal lakes, primarily for fishing.


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Re: Power Yak Stability

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Just put mine in the water on Saturday. Boat Won a prestigious "Speical Visitors Woodworking & Technologies Award". Overbuilt it. Not a boat that you want to stand up in, but sitting is fine.
Boat was carrying two deep cycle batteries - in back of the rear seat and one in front below the decking area. Two big guys - total weight in boat was at least 550 to 600 lbs.
Boat was built using 1/4 inch Merati BS 1088 ply. If I built another I would use Okoume 6mm (1/4") for the bottom, 4 mm for the sides and top or even go with 3mm for the top to keep the weight down. I glassed & epoxyied the entire outside with pieces on each side of the bottom overlapping the bottom center seam and the side seams, then two pieces - one each for each vertical sides which also overlapped the bottoom and side seams this way the seams had two layers on each as well as seams carrying two layers of glass & epoxy on the inside on top of the filleting. I used MAS epoyies and really like the product due to low emissions of VOC's and fast recoat without sanding.
If you intend to stand up you should look at the AMP EATER - Glen-L - electric boat - uses the exact quantity of ply, but would need stronger motor - a 100 lb thrust Minn Kota would work. Or look at the Can-Yak or the Low Volt.

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