Paddle Boat with trolling moter. Help!

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Paddle Boat with trolling moter. Help!

Post by PaddleB »

Hello everyone!,

I am new to this forum and need some help. I have a sun dolphin older paddle boat that came with a motor attached in the aft of the boat. I found the motor was bad and was starting the process of replacing it. During this process I decided to remove the paddle part of the boat and decided to move the trolling motor to the front.

Here in lies the problem. I decided to keep the existing wiring concept and was going to run the leads from the motor to a panel that has two switches. One switch has ( FWD, off(middle) and down as reverse)

Second switch has 3 as well. Up( low), middle (med) and down(high).

I need to find replacements for these. However, I can not find any numbers on the switches or anything. So far no help from manufacturer or any where I have been so far.

I will attach a picture or two of the switches.

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Re: Paddle Boat with trolling moter. Help!

Post by aero_dan »

Greetings PaddleB, looks like you did not get a reply. I just found your post and here is my two bits worth:

These are double pole, double throw rocker switches. I just went to eBay and entered just that. I found an assortment of some 92 options. There are some the exact size, and in colours, illuminated, etc. Yours are a "full size" or "standard size" footprint, so the others will be too small for the holes. You cam make filler plugs and a thin metal cover plate, or there are a number of PVC materials to do the trick also.

Hope this is not "too little, too late". Troll on!
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