Plasturko Pet bottle boat

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Plasturko Pet bottle boat

Post by utatuka »

Many people’s dream is to own a small boat to go fishing.
Due to the economic conditions do not occur often those dreams.
It is possible without money!

Why PET bottle!

We are doing everything from scrap.
Many scrap thrown into the streets every day.
All bottles for a boat can be collected in one day.
If You are too lazy You can ask the shopkeepers… They will save for you!

The construction
PET bottles are pasted with hot silicon.
I slowly created walls of the boat.
I filled the bottles with styrofoam.
Some bottles filled with polyurethane foam.
All bottles were joined by polyurethane foam.

Sail and Paddle
The canvas pasted on Two broomstick.
I used also a broomstick to build the paddle.
I put a bottle to the and of the stick and filled with polyurethane foam.
Than I crushed the bottle with my foot for flattening.

First try
In Istanbul Kartal I jumped to the boat facedown.
If they didn’t hold my foot I will be at Prince Islands!

Second try
I persist to sail to the big ship.
As i was on the half way, fishermen began yelling at me.
I stood up for saying something.
Fishing line was around my neck and paddle.
Plop into the sea!

I persist not leave the boots on my feet.
I end up in the bottom…
I tried to climb on the boat.

She is so light… Non-stop turning!
A sailor saved me.
The event had even heard in 15 minutes in Prince Islands!

Third try
So we kids had fun!
I hang her to the ceiling for the construction the real boat.
She is flying like me!
The real boat will be so!

So I just used silicon for keeping bottles at the construction site.
Polyurethane foam does not paste plastic bottles.
Nothing stuck on this boat!
Foam clutchs botles so the boat standing whole.
To connect bottles you can use rope, duck tape ore plastic clamp.

Don’t sail with a model!

For other projects please visit my blog.

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Re: Plasturko Pet bottle boat

Post by Dave Grason »


I could do this and I have enough bottles too. LOL

A year or so back, I made a poor man's air conditioner out of bottles. I used a hot glue gun to stick the bottles to one another but the glue was hot enough that it caused many of the bottles to deform. But silicon would be easy. I did not think of that.

Of course, the sky is the limit when it comes to this type of project. If one dreams big, he/she simply needs more bottles. Here is a link to the guy down in Mexico that built an entire island from plastic bottles:

And then there is this 60ft catamaran built from bottles, too: ... ottle-Boat
Isn't it amazing!! The person that never has the fortitude to pursue his own dreams, will be the first to try and discourage you from pursuing yours.

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