Key Largo Build in Charleston

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Re: Key Largo Build in Charleston

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Thanks all. Feels good, but I'm moving on!

Got my shift control yesterday. I've got some work to do before I figure out how/where to mount it.

However, I do have a(nother) quick question for the forum about the connections for the shift control cable.

My engine has a mounting clip/bracket for the shift control cable. The clip/bracket is a few inches forward of the transmission shift lever.

I'm thinking the shift cable routing will bring it under the floorboards until it gets behind the front seat, then up, laterally, around the engine, before going up and over, the rear portion of the engine, avoiding tight radius bends on the way to the clip/bracket. Is the cable heat resistant enough to be in close proximity to the engine? Should I rest it against engine hoses, which will be cooler than engine metal parts..or build in restraining clips to keep it away from the engine?

Here again, I'm working with the open, Key Largo, design with a removable engine box.


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