Biscayne 22 vs Belle Isle

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Biscayne 22 vs Belle Isle

Post by whsoxfan »

Hello Ladies and Fellas

I am considering the Biscayne 22 or the Belle Isle. What is the difference between the two models and how do they differ in handling and performance.

I'd like to attach a swim deck for tubing or water skiing

Thanks for any input, now its off to work

thanks, pat

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Bill Edmundson
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Re: Biscayne 22 vs Belle Isle

Post by Bill Edmundson »


I don't see much difference in the running surface. The Belle seems to have a little more round transom, barrel. The Biscayne has a little blockier transom. That might but you an 1" or 2" width in the rear cockpit. No handling or performance difference. Just a matter of taste.

On both designs, make the engine hatch as large as possible. Make the engine compartment front and rear bulkheads removable. Be sure you have good access to do maintenance to the shaft log packing.

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Re: Biscayne 22 vs Belle Isle

Post by cb_build »

I have seen pictures of the Biscayne 22 with a opening between the two forward cockpits, can the same be done on the Belle Isle?
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billy c
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Re: Biscayne 22 vs Belle Isle

Post by billy c »

yes you can. most builders seem to open this up to make 2 front seats with a bench seat in the rear.
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Bob Perkins
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Re: Biscayne 22 vs Belle Isle

Post by Bob Perkins »

Both are flat bottom at the transom
That means they like flat water
If you will use the boat where there is a lot of chop - you want some 'V' at the transom.
But they are pretty similar otherwise.
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Re: Biscayne 22 vs Belle Isle

Post by Hercdrvr »

Belle Isle is an up sized Barrelback, 3 ft longer and 7” wider beam. 7” is a huge difference in beam. I would have built a Belle Isle but build space was max of 20’ so Barrelback was the answer. I’ve never sat in a Barrelback but I know it’s going to be tight.
For my dime and time, I’d build the Belle Isle over the Biscayne for the unmistakable rounded transom. That said, incorporating a swim platform into a barrellback transom will be more challenging.
Either way, you win.
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