Camper Recommendations for Mid-Size Trucks

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Camper Recommendations for Mid-Size Trucks

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New Member Question:

Can anyone recommend which campers will work on a mid-size truck, like a dodge dakota,, 8' bed? I noticed that the Glen-L Importer Camper is for compact trucks, the remainder for full-size... I would assume it would be easier to scale up the Importer, than to scale down the larger campers to fit. But I would appreciate any advice. Thanks.


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Re: Camper Recommendations for Mid-Size Trucks

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I have a Dakota Bighorn myself. 1st bought the Bayou plans and stewed over them for about 3-4 months. That didn't include the 1 1/2 years of trying to decide on which ones to get. I posted the same question on here around May. The response that I got was get the Importer so I did buy another set for th LB. The main question is do you want to close your tailgate or leave it down for extra room.

Write me back if you want to chat about it more.

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Re: Camper Recommendations for Mid-Size Trucks

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Dumb question, whats the bed capacity of your truck?
Second dumb question, whats the truck ride like with that capcity used/ some % of it?

A camper will always be worse as it has the load high, rather than low.

It could very well be your truck rides great with 600#, but is horrible with 800#.

I know my beatet ranger did great with 500#, nut was flat out unstable with 700#. Which was only about 3/4 of its capacity. My f250, rides like crap empty, but great when i put 1 ton in the bed, which is just under half of its capcity. At ~3500# it goes gets bad. At 4300#( capcity) it is not something i want to drive.

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