TNT test drive

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TNT test drive

Post by dothemath »

We lauched our TNT last weekend for some test drives although we had to put her away until next year :cry: At least she's out of the garage and up at the cabin where she belongs. I posted a entry in the new boat builders blog so I won't repeat too much of the story here, but here are some pictures and a youtube video since I know many TNT and small outboard builders read this forum frequently.

Some details of the build:
- She's powered by a 1980 Mercury 20 with electric start & 2 blade prop
- Framing is African Mahogany with Sitka spruce chines & sheers
- Okume plywood planking
- Teleflex Safe-T Q steering
- Expoxied inside and out
- Fiberglassed the keel, chines, & sheers (gunwale)

The test drives were fun. I have a fin, but I have not put it on yet. It needs it (watch the video). I didn't clock it for speed as I haven't installed gauges yet. I got concerned when I saw the sizes of the holes that would be needed in the dash. I'm going to think about that over the winter. The motor ran really well at top speed. There was a little porpoising at very top speed. I have the tilt all the way down. I do have some stabilizer fins that came with the motor that I could bolt on the cavitation plate so I could try those.

Thanks to GLen-L and everyone who hangs around here answering questions. (And thank the Lord for ebay and guys who sell 30 year old outboard parts. When my Dad and I did this 40 years ago if we needed a part he made it himself... I wish he were here to see it, but I digress...)

IMG_2085 by timueller, on Flickr

IMG_2086 by timueller, on Flickr

IMG_2087 by timueller, on Flickr

IMG_2096 by timueller, on Flickr

IMG_2114 by timueller, on Flickr

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Re: TNT test drive

Post by Iggy »

Congratulations! I have to say I envy that you got her launched at least once this year. Mine will not be ready till November... and I will be lucky if the lake is not frozen over... and I have to wait till about Mid-May before the ice is all the way gone.

I can see how she slides on the turn, easy to fix, but looks like fun to do for now ;)

Good work.. big smiles all around!

As far as the dash-holes for gauges... I had the same concern, particularly as my steering assembly hole is large in a particularly narrow part of my dash. What I did was cut a piece of 3/8" plywood with the same cutouts and epoxied it on the backside of the dash to add strength. Just like we did for the frame gussets, but just on 1 side and not both.

For gauges, if you gusset the back you might need to router the 'clamp' spots on the backside so that the mounting brackets work.

Other ideas are to cut a single larger hole and back-mount a thinner gauge mounting plate.
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Re: TNT test drive

Post by jeffh »

Congratulations! It looked like it ran without a hiccup and you had good water for the ride. For speed, you can always use a regular GPS. On any of my boats, that is all I have ever used when I wanted reliable speed.
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Re: TNT test drive

Post by Roberta »

Congratulations!!! Great Job and the kids will have a blast next year!!

Roberta :D :D :D :D :D
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Re: TNT test drive

Post by DaveLott »

Congratulations. Don't you just love it when the plan comes together after so much hard work. You are definitely going to build some memories.


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Re: TNT test drive

Post by Retroman »

wow, that looks top of the line. Very nice. Congratulations.
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Re: TNT test drive

Post by vupilot »

Oh man, I hope your kids know how lucky they are! I had to paddle any boat I had available growing up. I hope someone brings a TNT to the next Gathering, :wink: what a cool boat.


Re: TNT test drive

Post by upspirate »

Congrats!! :D

Great video too! :D

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Re: TNT test drive

Post by Mark45 »

It looks great. You picked the same colours I used on the Bingo, (blue and white) Can you tell me what the HP the TNT is rated for?

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Re: TNT test drive

Post by JasonG »

Great job- that is a neat little boat and looks like a lot of fun
Watching the video makes me want my dyno-jet done NOW!


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Re: TNT test drive

Post by fergal butler »

Great work guy's she looks cool. Let the fun begin :D

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