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Boat Build Bio

Post by Mark45 »

Hi everyone, Mods, if this is not the place for this post, please move to where you feel as Im not sure where this should go.
I built the bingo 2 yrs ago in 2009, I have a few posts on here about the build, but I would like to put together a bio of the build and some great pictures of the boat build, you could add to the archives and maybe a few videos of it running in the lake if thats possible.

Im not sure how to go about doing that, where to email or upload to, how many pics you think would be appropriate for this, or do you guys just pick and choose.

I have been running the boat for 2 years and its been absolutley great fun. The summers the last 2 years here in Canada have been very hot, which is great when the warm water splashes up in your face racing down the lake.

I have since sold the 30HP Johnson that I was running on it and have just bought new power for it at the Toronto Boat Show this past week. A 50HP Tohatsu TLDI and Im really looking forward to getting some great video and pictures this summer that I would like to share.

So if you can give some info on doing what Ive mentioned above, that would be great, The design of this boat works perfect.

thanks in advance.......Mark

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Re: Boat Build Bio

Post by v-driver »

Hi, Mark!

Here's my $0.02...

There really is not a coordinated photos/videos section in the forum. Most just post pictures embedded in text postings and URL links to videos they've uploaded to YouTube or another video-posting site. The forum is hosted by, but is not actually moderated by them. The forum moderators are builders and interested individuals, just like the rest of us. If you don't play too rowdy, you can pretty much post anything that is boat building related.

To post a photo, I created an account at and I upload my pictures, there. Each photo has a URL address once that is done. In your Photobucket account, the images you upload appear thumbnail-sized. If you hover your mouse over one, a menu pops up with several options. One of these is "direct link". Click that and you have copied the image's URL address to your computer's clipboard. You can then paste that into your text message that you post, here. Like this:

Below is a picture of my Glen-L Tornado, taken at G5 at Lake Nickajack, TN. Where the picture appears, I pasted the URL address copied from Photobucket. It reads as " ... blog-2.jpg".

When I typed this reply to your message, I highlighted the URL address, below (actually in the space where the image appears), and clicked the "Img" button on the toolbar that is right above the message body typing area. This tells the forum that "what is between the tags is an address where a picture resides - show the picture instead of the address text."

Linking to websites or Youtube videos is done much the same way, except that you use the "URL" tag toolbar button to tell the forum that this is a HTML web link.

Type the URL or copy it from YouTube - ""
Highlight it and click the "URL" toolbar button
It turns into a web link, like this:

I hope this helps.


Paul Miller in Memphis, TN
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Re: Boat Build Bio

Post by Mr Hot Rod »

You can post Launch photos and videos in the Forum's Launching Ramp section. I usually add the Launch and Gathering videos to our website's Glen-L Boat Video Directory.

Several new tools to upload your photos and document your build have been added to Glen-L's Home Page :
  • • To see the boats that others are building or have built from the Glen-L designs, or to document your build, click the Boatbuilder's Blog link.

    • To create a gallery and upload your photos and stories, click the the Boatbuilding Galleries link (located in the top navigation bar).
Follow the links located on the right hand side of these web pages to learn how to register or add pictures and blog posts.

Paul Kane
Kane Custom Boats
Chelsea, Quebec

Building the Glen-L Hot Rod :

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Re: Boat Build Bio

Post by thudpucker »

After a ride in V-Drivers boat, you'll catch your breath and mutter; "Holy Smokes!"

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Re: Boat Build Bio

Post by Mark45 »

Hi Guys, Thanks for you input, much appreciated. I will try the Gallery first and see how that goes. Nice boat by the way Paul. Whats your top speed with that boat?


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