Squirt need skeg?

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Squirt need skeg?

Post by soaked »

is a skeg needed on the squirt.


Re: Squirt need skeg?

Post by upspirate »

I would say yes,or a fin,but you can build it w/o and add one later if you determine it's needed for you.

I did this on a lower powered TNT and never added the fin as I didn't think it was necessary with the smaller size outboard I used

It wouldn't be hard to add one after the fact

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Re: Squirt need skeg?

Post by Iggy »

I'd think any lake-boat would probably want a skeg to maintain steering control. Squirt's got a pretty flat bottom. I'd think you'd end up sliding sideways at times where you probably wouldn't want to.

Thinking about it.. does a jet-drive squirt use a skeg.. or does it snap over pretty tight?
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Re: Squirt need skeg?

Post by pamelalynne1 »

I expect to be adding a skeg to my Squirt. The steering response is poor if I am above 3/4 throttle.

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Re: Squirt need skeg?

Post by vupilot »

Allen's Squirt does not have a skeg, you wouldnt know it going in a straight line but it skids through the turns in a really fun way.

It depends on how you want the boat to handle and after riding with Allen in his, I think its purely personal preference.

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Re: Squirt need skeg?

Post by Mark45 »

No skeg on my Bingo, I like the way it turns. Slides just a bit, but that's the feeling I like.

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