Big Power on Bingo

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Big Power on Bingo

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Hi Everyone, Finally got my new motor on the Bingo. Here are some photos. Tohatsu 2 Stroke fuel injected TLDI 50HP, Engine weighs in at 210lbs) Ive had it out a couple times so far, only 3.5 hours on it so its still in break in mode. Engine runs great but boat proposes between 3200 and 5000rpms. I tried a 40lb bag of sand way up front in the bow but not quite enough weight for balance yet. The engine is trimmed as far neg as possible, so I'm seriously thinking about installing the smart tabs (SX), Ive looked into them and done some reading, apparently, a lot of fast, light boats have this problem with the bouncing. Ive opened it up for 10 seconds or so and it goes away after 5000rpm like I mentioned. Smart tabs for this boat (length and HP) when I looked them up have 40lb gas shocks to help lift the stern and balance the hull. Also, quicker to plain out. Has anyone here installed trim tabs on their vessel? and if so, how did they perform for you? What make, model did you install and on what boat? They look very easy to install and from the videos Ive seen, looks like they work well. I would rather go this route than to keep adding weight to the bow. By the way, when I did open it up for a few seconds, my GPS read 39MPH or (63kph) but my eyes were watering and had to back off, so I need goggles too, or a windshield...anyways, thanks for any information regarding trim tabs.



Re: Big Power on Bingo

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I think I'd go for Lenco trim tabs....I just don't like the way you can't adjust smart tabs underway.

I think the Lenco electric tabs are lighter than the hydraulic Bennetts....I might be wrong on the weight,but they are simpler to hook up

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Re: Big Power on Bingo

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I have used smart tabs on my Bullet for same problem, best thing I did!!, helps in cornering to.

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