Squirt in CT

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Re: Squirt in CT

Post by BulldogBoater »

I'm just not getting back active on the forum after a year or so of inactivity. It was nice to read this entire thread.

You've done some excellent work.

"I'm not trying to get it perfect. I'm trying to get it finished!"
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Re: Squirt in CT

Post by mikweber »

Hi Folks,

I am finally getting ready for the splash, and have run into some engine problems with my brand new Suzuki DF20A outboard.

Today I started my new outboard for the first time to find that no water was coming out of the tell-tale (pee hole). I read on a forum that it the engine might need to warm up before water would come out, so i ran it for 5 minutes on idle. Almost exactly at 5 minutes an alarm went off, and I shut down the motor immediately - no water had come out at all during the 5 minutes of run.

The engine was in a bucket of water up to the anti-cavitation plate the entire time. When i eventually put this on the boat, the engine will sit with the anti-caviation plate about 1 inch below the bottom of the boat (per the manual).

Any ideas on why no water is coming out? I am also not positive if the alarm was related.


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Re: Squirt in CT

Post by mikedweber »

Hello all!

COVID has given me time to get the boat out of storage and tackle some long-needed work. About 2 years ago I was out on the water in the squirt and I noticed some epoxy-coated wood shavings in the bilge. I couldn't find where they came from immediately, but when I got back to land, I found that the wood chips had broken off from the connection between the seat frame and the starboard wall.
This connection between the 2"x3" frame and the hull wall was made by epoxying the frame to both the chine and the starboard wall. As you can see in the image, the seat frame completely detached, and I was able to cut the end of the frame off completely.
I'm trying to get the boat back into action, and I'd like to properly reinstall the seat. What is the right way to do this? Currently, the seat frame is essentially a ladder that is epoxies to the chines and hull walls. There are additional supports that connect the seat frame to the fore/aft frame components on the bottom of the boat. These are also epoxied together.

What's the right way to reinstall this seat?


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