jack plate on transom

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jack plate on transom

Post by brad1516 »

has anyone used a jack plate on there transom thoughts ?

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Re: jack plate on transom

Post by Scott »

For what size? What boat are you considering? Intent on using it? Tons of factors. Hydraulic, manual?
Hp? Remember there is a bit of a fulcrum effect on your wooden transom with the 4-12 inches of setback they have. There is a mini hydraulic jackplate on the interweb somewhere. Lightweight, but around $800 all in. Then your prop is near the surface more, so it'll cavitate, etc.

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Re: jack plate on transom

Post by gdcarpenter »

http://www.cmcmarineproducts.com/produc ... p-to-35-HP

That's a link to a Jack Plate that's also a Tilt/Trim package. Next model up is good to 130 HP. Almost half wondered about one on my ZIP for the tilt/trim feature which is nice to "dial in" your trim while cruising, but knew I would NOT like the appearance.

The question is why are you thinking jack plate - putting long shaft engine on short transom, wish tilt/trim, feel you need the extra strength.

http://www.dragtimes.com/video-viewer.p ... 30&feature

This link I found interesting, home built single actuator tilt/trim.
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Re: jack plate on transom

Post by areame »

Someone with a Squirt put one on theirs, I can't find it now but it's in the photo archives.

Are you concerned about the cavitation plate being level with the bottom of the hull? I added ~3" to the height of my transom to make them level.

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Re: jack plate on transom

Post by Andy Garrett »

I considered that because I wanted power trim. I even bought some components.
In the end, I kept it simple. I made the transom precise and kept the weight down.
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Re: jack plate on transom

Post by John K »

I did not use a jack plate, but added a power trim unit to my flying saucer / 25 evinrude. It had a set back of about 4 inches. I did not have any problems with the transom.

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