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Re: Porpoising

Post by BlueRidgeBoater »

I added the Smart Tabs, and it completely cured the problem. Now I've got a plowing problem, so I need to work next weekend on the tab settings and motor trim. I'm convinced, though, that the tabs have gotten me to a much better boat.

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Re: Porpoising

Post by hzchevy »

I also had this problem and was basically looking at the sky. I put 20 kgs in the front which helped but slowed me down so I went down the same path as Fergal Butler. Built my own Trim Tabs. Fully adjustable and worked a treat.

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Re: Porpoising

Post by redoak »

You are on the right track. Keep adjusting your smart tabs till you find the sweet spot. Having much experience with the smart tabs, I'm betting you will find the lightest setting to be the one. These wood boats are very light, and smart tabs instructions are generally set up for a heavier fiberglass or aluminum boat. Do not add any weight to the front of the boat. Adding weight to the bow is absolutely the WORST way to control proposing. The additional weight up front only adds drag, and in turn causes plowing of water. This not only kills speed but also increases fuel consumption and steering effort. The tabs, and the idea behind them is to add "lift" to the transom while running. By lifting the transom, you naturally create a levering effect that holds the bow down and steady. The idea is to skim across the water...not plow it out of your way. GOOD LUCK!!!!

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Re: Porpoising

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I think Redoak is giving sound advice about adding weight. It also adds to the impact loading on the boat in rough water and on the trailer. I agree that it is a good place to start trouble shooting. But, it's not the solution.

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