Classic Boating

Outboard designs up to 14'

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Classic Boating

Post by cusoak »

Well it has been a while sence I have posted here,
But wanted to tell you about my Zip .
In 2015 I took it to the Century Boat club Boat Show in Pa.
Out of 75 Century Boats there it won Peoples Choice Award .
Not bad for a Glen L design home built boat.
Then on to The Indian Lake Ohio boat Show, Where it along with other boats were featured in Classic Boating.
So Classic Boating has a section called Reader's Photo Album.
I sent in some pictures this year of my Zip, and it is now in the current November Issue.
I want to thank Glen L marine and all of the help I got here on this forum for making it possible for me to have build a great boat.
I am currently building a Pee Wee for my Great Grand Kids.
Thanks Jeff

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Re: Classic Boating

Post by garrech »

Congratulations! Can you post some pics?

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Re: Classic Boating

Post by BayouBengal »

There are a few clubs and people who'll still poo-poo on newly built boats, but fortunately, there are more who recognize a beautifully crafted wooden boat doesn't have to have the CC or Hackercraft label on it. You did a fantastic job on your build and I look forward to seeing your Pee-Wee and other future builds. Congrats

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Re: Classic Boating

Post by Mark-NJ »

Very cool! Post pics!

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