Marking zip chines for fairing

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Marking zip chines for fairing

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Hi guys, when marking the line for fairing on the chines between the frames should it be done with a continuous strip of timber the length of the boat to keep a clean line? I’ve done done it in two sections with a strip of mahogany but it doesn’t seem to hold its position well and looks a bit off

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Re: Marking zip chines for fairing

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I went to the box store and bought a piece of molding to aid in fairing, about 3/4" x 1/4" x as long as you need. I used this as an initial guide. Then, I fair to the eye. Finally, I use the molding to assure that it lies smoothly against the chine or shear. You can force it down some. Your checking that the planking will be in full contact.

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Re: Marking zip chines for fairing

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Hi Greg,

Haven't seen ya in a while. Hope all is well.

Sounds like you're making headway on the Zip. That's great!! I'd love to see some pics (inserting subtle hint here... ) :D

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