New Squirt Build Belgium

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New Squirt Build Belgium

Post by jefC »

Hi all,

I'am a new "soon to be" boat builder from Belgium. I just ordered the plans for a Squirt and really looking forward to getting started!
Coming weekend I will start making room to start the build. However to know which room to clean up depends on the size of the squirt and see if it fits through the door.
I checked the characteristics of the squirt and it mentions the hull depth is 20" (50,8 cm). Is this the total depth from top to bottom?

Kind regards,

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Re: New Squirt Build Belgium

Post by BillW »

I can't be completely accurate measuring hull depth on a finished boat. But my Squirt is a little more than 22 inches.
That's not including a skeg.

The trailer interferes with an outside measurement, and the seat and floorboards interfere with an inside measurement,
but that is fairly close, I think.

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