Boat Bow Wine Bar Anyone

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Boat Bow Wine Bar Anyone

Post by gdcarpenter »

Not sure which topic to put this in but since this project started life as a smallish wooden outboard boat here goes. Moderator welcome to move it if it's more appropriate in another topic.

Almost a decade ago I purchased a 15' Century Palomino and sold the ZIP I had built. Plan was to resurrect the old woody, but, as they say, "When you make plans God laughs"! Now retired, I finally realized I enjoyed the building far more than boating for boating's sake. I had already made several frames and a new stem, but decided to not to poocede with the whole boat resurrection.

Not wanting to waste the beautiful woodwork it was time for Plan 'B', and create smaller individual projects. This is my first.

As I had all the planking off I sanded the red bilge coat paint off the inside of all the planking, leaving a warm mahogany glow on the inside of the boat. I then used satin varnish to soften the look further. The battens and frames were left with the original red bilge coat intact.

All planking and decking is original, and OEM Century red filler stain used for the planking. The deck boards were bleached and I used a blonde filler stain. The self supports are the original transom knees, and even use the original bronze carriage head bolts for attachment to the frame. The shelf is a new piece of white oak, again using the blonde stain.

The lattice work wine rack was a PITA, and uses some Peroba wood that I luckily found duriimg a work related garage demo some time back. At about 60 lb. per board foot it's heavy and strong, straight grained, and the lattice pieces are 5/8" X 5/8". The square openings are 3 9/16" X 3 9/16" and will accept the somewhat larger Bordeaux bottles and some smallish champagne bottles. It holds 16 bottles as at the left and rightmost slots on the top row the boat tapers inward too much.It will hold fifteen 9" tall wine glasses.

There are three 12" LED under cabinet lights inside, operated by a dimmer switch on the right side. The left side switch Is also a dimmer used for the floor lamp that I adapted. The floor lamp will rotate about 35 degrees to either side, but the amount of swing is adjustable. I also ran power to an outlet on the forward side of one of the deck frames. A little step down transformer, 120 Volt AC to 12 Volt DC, plugs into that outlet, with the DC output line run to a toggle switch at the front, so the bow light actually lights up!

I added the casters after I had the feet/stand built as I felt the extra height would make it more comfortable to work at and use. She's now a little under 42" tall to the top of the deck at the highest point, 58" wide at the front, and about 48" deep including the depth of the shelf. Cleaned up the original hardware as best as I could for a 60 some year old boat.

Now the wife tells me it doesn't fit or work in our home so I am looking for a new home for it. On to the next project! Also apologies for the upside down images, I believe they open right side up but beyond that it's beyond me to fix it.
This is my first, last and only boat build.

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Re: Boat Bow Wine Bar Anyone

Post by BarnacleMike »

THAT is really, really cool!
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Re: Boat Bow Wine Bar Anyone

Post by CaptDave »

Very Nice!
I like it.
Capt. Dave
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Re: Boat Bow Wine Bar Anyone

Post by BayouBengal »

That is top-notch!!! :D

BTW, I'd probably put the post in the "miscellaneous" section.

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