Easier build ?

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Easier build ?

Post by Keelkicker »


Apologies, you have probably been asked this a gazillion times, but....

I am trying to decide on the right boat to build and have narrowed it down to either the Squirt or the Dyno Mite or maybe the TNT (unless there is something else you can recommend ??). So many choices !

I have built a small stitch and glue dinghy and a mini max sea flea in the past, with mixed success: - they both float but they were certainly learning experiences !

My brief for the next build was for 2 seats, (I would like to take the wife out with me), and if possible fit on the tray of my Ute (8ft) rather than having to go on a trailer, maybe with a bit of an over hang. At 120lbs my thinking was that i could man-handle the squirt up onto tray - it wont be much heavier if at all than my over engineered mini max... I have a 15hp mercury short shaft 2 stroke to power it.

I’m about 6’4” and light and was thinking that i would fit in any of them

From what I can gather,the squirt is built around frames, but the dyno mite / TNT is not - just stitch and glue ?? Maybe I haven’t researched enough.

I’m a little concerned that the frame construction may be beyond my skill set and i should sacrifice shorter length fora simpler quicker build. ?

So, I guess my question is, is the dyno mite / tnt an easier build than the squirt ??

Grateful for any guidance


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Re: Easier build ?

Post by BarnacleMike »

Frame construction is not beyond your skill level. It’s not any more difficult than stitch and glue... it’s just not as fast.
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Re: Easier build ?

Post by mrintense »

Like all larger projects, this really comes down to patience and the willingness to see it through. Frame construction is just a different way of building and doesn't require any more ability than stitch or glue. All boats require taking the time to study each step of the way and determine the best way to move forward. Often , the way forward is a tiny step that enlightens you to the next step or steps. Fairing was like this for me. I was overwhelmed at first when trying to determine how to start. So I found something that I did understand and did that. That lead to other steps I understood which gradually lead to understanding the entirety of the operation.

You have the benefit (and perhaps disadvantage) of having built other boats, which will mostly benefit you on your next build. I say disadvantage only in that if you did something one way, you will need to determine if it is the correct way to do something similar on the next build. But the positives far outweigh any negatives.

That being said, consider carefully your choice of build. Small boats can be fun from what I'e seen. But I've also seen many builders deciding after awhile that they were not big enough. So determine what you truly want out of the boat and determine how much of your time you are willing to dedicate to getting it. That will better guide your choices of design.

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Re: Easier build ?

Post by BillW »

The Squirt is a great little boat; lots of fun to build and use; we built one several years ago. It can be seen at the Customer Photo section, under
"Bill & Linda's Squirt". (There is a typo there, one photo is not ours; the group of 9 is ours)

We lengthened the boat 15", and re-positioned the dash and seat back, to get more room inside. A few inches helps a lot. Even so, there is not much room in there. With the two of us, there is room for a small lunch cooler. This is ok, for us, since the Squirt is not our primary boat.

I am 6 inches shorter than you, and Linda is a foot shorter than you, so I would question if a Squirt is the best boat for a person 6' 4"
But you will enjoy building it, and will learn a lot.

Best wishes

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Re: Easier build ?

Post by Gayle Brantuk »

Thanks for pointing out the error on the Gallery, BillW--it's been fixed!

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Re: Easier build ?

Post by Keelkicker »

Hi all

My thanks for your thoughts on this. I think that i will go for the squirt (or maybe bigger) rather than the tnt - time to take things up a gear ! Plans on their way.

Now, i just need to empty out that garage......



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