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Re: Where to start...

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2009 3:31 pm
by upspirate
It's addicting!!

I know I've seen a phantom cut away view somewhere with terms,but I can't seem to find it....even looked in Chapman's piloting and Seamanship(the boaters Bible)

Re: Where to start...

Posted: Thu Aug 27, 2009 11:13 pm
by Mark45

I know exactly how you feel, maybe a bit overwhelmed, and your brain is constantly going. You've almost forgot what the wife said a second ago, cause you were daydreaming right, ya right, I know. I happened to me.

Then I got the plans and opened them up, The first thing I thought was, Can I really do this? Yes you can, because I did it!

My back ground is just a basic weekend woodworker, my bother built furniture and refinished furniture. I learned a lot of things from him, but whats important is like someone already mentioned on this thread, is to use your brain and ask questions. You can do anything you want in this life, its up to you. Can you cut a line, can you put a screw in, its that simple, just follow the plans and it will happen.

Right now I have the Bingo sitting in my backyard and working on refurbishing a trailer I had just picked up. Its a great feeling to something for yourself, at least once in a lifetime. And the best feeling will come when it hits the water and the years you and the family will enjoy it. Its the hard work and pride that I'm after. That's how I grew up.

Good luck and If any of us can be of any help whatsoever, we're here.

Re: Where to start...

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 9:27 pm
by Iggy
I got to see my very first Glen-L boat tonight, thanks to the gracious invitation of Shaned. His ZIP was a real beauty, and it was a lot of fun talking about the build with him and actually putting my hands on the boat was a real priviledge not many other newbie Glen-L boat builders get.

He was very generous with his advice and detailed in what he would like to do better next time. I will try to apply his experience to my project... with lots of great pointers on where he got materials and how he applied them.

Shaned epitomizes the helpful and encouraging spirit found in the Glen-L boat building community. I hope to one day be able to pay it forward to the next rookiee like me, once I get a project (or two) under my belt.

I've been eyeballing the Squirt plans for my Son & Daughter... perhaps after... (oh oh).

Re: Where to start...

Posted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 9:55 pm
by Bill Edmundson

You have just thanked everyone with your hope. You repay a favor by passing a favor on, to someone else! Someday, it will come home.


Re: Where to start...

Posted: Sat Aug 29, 2009 5:42 am
by BruceDow
Ian (and Bill)

First off... "Yay Shane!"
Second off... Thanks, Ian, for sharing that story.

This Glen-L boatbuilding community is phenomenal that way. For all the support that is here and public, there is as much behind the scenes support. I could not count the number of private messages and eMails I have received with support and advice to guide me. I value all of it, but must specifically thank Mr Hot Rod who "kept me honest" throughout the build, and gently talked me out of doing some silly things. Though I didn't take all of his advice, I did value all of his advice.

Similarly, others have reached out to me with questions, and without fail, have been genuine in their appreciation for the time I spent helping them consider their options.

While I was up at the lake over the past few weeks, I got an eMail from a potential builder who wanted to see the boat. He drove two hours (each way) to spend an hour and a half with me. (needless to say, 30 minutes of that time was a ride, with him driving for 15 minutes of that).

I don't tell this story to brag, but to "close the loop"... My very first post to this forum... when I got really hooked on the idea of building this boat... was after I went to look at my motor, and the gentleman selling it spent an hour with me, showing me his 1955 Chris Craft, and taking me for a ride in it, and letting me take the wheel.

There are two Morals to the Story:
1) Don't be shy about asking for help. You will get it
2) "Pay it Forward". Giving back feels great.

Re: Where to start...

Posted: Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:36 pm
by Iggy
I got the plans today.. and well as the book, and started reading them over.

I will be visiting a few select lumber stores to see what I can source for the frames, stem, chim and sheer. I am hoping I can find some African Mahogany for the frames, but as of yet I have no idea what kind of price or delivery I will find.

I am slowly piecing the boat in my mind, frame by frame, batten by batten, trying to get a good level of knowledge so I can move ahead with some tentative confidence. I will read the instructions a books end to end till I get there, but I am usually a quick study and can already picture myself getting the materials in short order.

Its exciting.. yet still a touch overwhelming.. but my spirit is high and I am eager to get going soon.

I will keep you all posted.

Re: Where to start...

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2009 7:31 am
by upspirate
Just remember, take it one step at a time(with an overall view ahead too,just don't dwell on too far ahead) and it'll all fall into place.

The first time I couldn't figure out that damn transition joint up forward,but I pressed on anyway.

When I got there it was self explanatory and just kinda fell into place!!!

Re: Where to start...

Posted: Fri Sep 04, 2009 2:22 pm
by Iggy
Ok.. I am considering a particular detail for the finish of my Malahini sides near the aft and wanted to know if I might run into issues doing this.

I want a portion of the side to have a stained mahogany finish, with the underside and bow sections of the hull painted white.

I am likely only going to find 4x8' sheets of 1/4" MAR grade plywood.. so I am going to use a butt joint somewhere along the side.

I was thinking.. I could probably use one lenght of 1/4" Mahagoany on the aft section, and use douglas fir to finish the rest to bow. Then I would use a paint detail 'curve' to slowly taper down the stained section for the sides to the all-painted bow section.

The image below shows 'red' where I want to use the stain mahagony finish (under fiberglass with expoxy).


Is this is a plausible, assuming I don't run into scant vs non-scant plywood thickness issues?

Also, and suggestions on how I finish the top-coat on the unpainted area?

Re: Where to start...

Posted: Wed Sep 23, 2009 7:56 pm
by Iggy
Quick update.

I ordered my lumber and plywood. Looks like a late October delivery for that. Meranti BS 1088 plywood and Sapele Mahogany Lumber.

I also received my first batch of epoxy and bronze fasteners from Glen-L today. It was fun opening the packaging... the epoxy tins where a bit dented from transport.. and a couple of the bronze nail boxes tore open a bit.. but otherwise everything looks there.

I also made an offer on a 85 Hp Johson Outboard and Trailer.. with an old fiberglass boat attached ;) Its a salvaged boat.. the engine is in parts and the trailer need some wire work and a coat of paint... but I can paint it myself (was going to do that anyway) and my father has rebuilt Outboards before and will help me do the same with this one (assuming we can get any missing parts). He accepted my offer of $150.00 for everything. No.. I am not kidding.. and Yes I realize I am rolling the dice with the Engine.. but the trailer alone is worth it even if I toss the engine in the junkyard. Time will tell.. and it will give my Dad and me something to tinker with over the winter. Worst case I have a trailer.. Best case I have a trailer and an engine.

I am still on the hunt for more tools.. and clamps.. need more clamps. I stole a few from Dad already.. and secured access to a few other tools I will only need for a short time period.

I am still as excited about this project as I was at the start.. soon people will be telling me to shut up about it. My immediate family has been very supportive.. and my Wife never ceases to amaze me with her understanding and support.. even if she has this tendancy to sober me up and force me to be thrifty. I've taken on a small contract (I used to build database websites.. like this forum.. like the catalogue.. you name it).. to earn some extra cash to pay for some of the materials and equipment.

I was hoping to have gotten further by now, but in retrospec I think its probably worked to my advantage to help me find the best deal and make a little better decisions. Snow on the ground or not (very likely in the next 4 weeks).. I plan on hitting the ground running when the lumber/plywood arrives.

Re: Where to start...

Posted: Thu Sep 24, 2009 7:27 am
by upspirate

If the motor turns out to too much to fix,you can always part it out on E-bay....the lower unit may bring quite a bit

Re: Where to start...

Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2009 8:51 pm
by Iggy
Well.. I picked up my 'donar' boat today for a whopping $150.00 cash. The old tires and bearings made it 50 miles to the farm where I am storing it. The person selling it to me patched up the bearings and lights to get them functional.

I spent a few hours pulling all the rotted leaves, twigs & plywood flooring out, careful to scoop up any metal pieces and put them in a 'collection box' to try to see if there was anything I could salvage. Not much from what I can tell.

The motor looked promising, but when I got home I looked up the serial number... Its a 85 Hp Johnson built in 1969. She's old in age.. not sure about wear & tear.. my dad will have to tell me what he finds out when I get the motor off the boat. I am going to build a motor stand so I can take it off the boat and bring it to my dads garage before we get snow on the ground (soon.. or so it feels tonight). If anyone has a design/photo of a motor stand I can build, please let me know.

The trailer is in fair shape. Needs new lights, new tires, new bearings and a coat of paint... pretty much everything but the winch and frame.

The boat itself is.. well.. neglected beyond repair. I will probably float, but it would take more work to repair it than for me to build a new one from scratch.. and I was pretty sure to send it to the dump anyway. I will keep it around till spring so I can use it for reference on dimensions. I don't have any boats nearby to do that with... and it might as well serve one last function before it gets discarded.

So.. no surprises.. you get what you pay for. I got a fix me up trailer and a long-shot engine. I've seen a few classic engines being used on other boats.. so perhaps she has some life in her yet. Time will tell.

Here she is.. isn't she a beaut!

Re: Where to start...

Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2009 10:47 pm
by upspirate
Looks like you got your $150 worth anyway.

Like I said ,maybe the controls/engine parts will recoup that on E-Bay if the engine turns out to be non-fixable.

I see a windshield in the boat,what shape is that? You might be able to use it?

Use LED lights on the trailer when you replace them

Re: Where to start...

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 5:49 am
by Dave Grason
Iggy wrote:...I want a portion of the side to have a stained mahogany finish, with the underside and bow sections of the hull painted white.
The image below shows 'red' where I want to use the stain mahagony finish (under fiberglass with expoxy).

This not only seems quite workable to me, but it seems like a really excellent design plan. I personally think that this would look really nice.
Iggy wrote:Also, and suggestions on how I finish the top-coat on the unpainted area?
Yes, you're going to have to epoxy coat the entire topsides anyway. So you will simply mask off where you want paint. My idea would be to use an automotive 2 step paint. After you've gotten the base coat of paint the way you like it, then take off the masking and clear coat the entire sides of the boat including the part that is finished in the natural wood. Clear coat will adhere to epoxy as I understand it. But you may need to knock off the gloss on the epoxy with about 600 grit wet before clear coating.

Re: Where to start...

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 8:43 am
by Iggy
Her windshields the typical plexi-glass curved front.. its cracked right down the middle, and scratched, and milky.. pretty much the only thing salvagable on it is the alumuinum frame, but personally I don't like the look of plexi.

I will certainly look at LED lights.. thanks for the tip.

Re: Where to start...

Posted: Sun Sep 27, 2009 10:23 am
by upspirate
Save the frame and plexi til you decide and install something else.....just in case you need parts and a pattern!!! :wink: