No Reverse Lock on Motor

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No Reverse Lock on Motor

Post by Mark45 »

Was wondering if anyone has ever came across this but for the life of me, I cant find a reverse lock to lock the engine for when reversing the engine so it would not come up out of the water. There is only one leaver on the bracket for holding in the full tilt position. Is there any quick fix's I could do in the meanwhile since I plan on getting it in the water this coming weekend. The motor is 1985, 30HP, serial # CJ30ELCOA
There are quite a few weeds in the bay that I'm on and have to clean the prop 3 or 4 times to get out into the lake, but with no lock, Obviously, it would be a problem. Any ideas? Thanks for any help.


Re: No Reverse Lock on Motor

Post by upspirate »

If there is no mechanism that engages when in reverse,go very slow and you should be fine....just a quick burst when unloading the prop of weeds

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