The Way to Measure Epoxy Mix

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Re: The Way to Measure Epoxy Mix

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Cranky Badger wrote:
gstanfield wrote:"Why not just pull it into the syringe like you normally would"?
What if you're using a thixotropic resin ?
I've got one cold cure formulation I use that would have you sitting there all day trying to pull it into the syringe.

I use Epiglass resin and I just keep a damp mineral spirit-soaked piece of rag to wrap around the nozzle on the hardener when I'm done. The resin pump doesn't seem to plug up at all.
I just heat the epoxy and hardener up with a small electric heater with a fan and fill 3 "A",
and 3 "B" syringes at one time. I pull out the plunger and pour it in from the top. Replace the plunger, remove any air bubbles, and then push out any excess resin back into the can until the plunger lines up with a line on the syringe. Takes all of 2 minutes.
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Re: The Way to Measure Epoxy Mix

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Do not measure by weight unless you know the correct ratio.
I measured by weight for a board I made I gave it 2parts resin one part hardener, never cured right always has a smell to it and its soft and fiberglass peels off easy. Turns out it takes a lot more hardener to get the same weight a resin so you get more hardener in the mix.

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Re: The Way to Measure Epoxy Mix

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fschonowski wrote:I am a nurse, so I have access to syringes. The 60cc ones that are used for tube feedings in hospitals and nursing homes are excellent. I have built 3 boats using them. Mixing up a batch as small as 6cc[1/5 ounce] is even possible. Find yourself a nurse or nurses aide that you may know and ask them to get you 2 of them. Complete accuracy!
Agree with you!

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Re: The Way to Measure Epoxy Mix

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I only use the west system pumps. Never had an issue.
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