Vise Grip Set Sale Amazon

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Vise Grip Set Sale Amazon

Post by lawrence_junk »

Looks like a good deal on a large set of Irwin vise grips. 10 piece set for $57. Normally around $90 ... B0000T4TSU

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Re: Vise Grip Set Sale Amazon

Post by chugalug »

:D I really like this clamp instead.I built my boat shed out of long lumber by myself-easy -just clamp one side and nail the good on boat-building too
Working on regular-sized Bo-Jest

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Re: Vise Grip Set Sale Amazon

Post by rleete »

Vice grips are no longer US made. The old ones inherited from my father are worlds better than the newer ones. The new ones loosen up over time.

The Klein tools sold by Home Depot are of much better quality and roughly the same price when on sale.

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