Wire twisting pliers?

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Wire twisting pliers?

Post by rleete »

Has anyone who has build a stitch and glue used these? Pros and cons?
Figure it might save me some aggravation to partially automate the process, provided they do the job.

They are only about $12 online, and I always look for an excuse to buy another tool.
But I don't need anymore "looks good in theory, but sucks in practice" ones.

Link, just for reference: https://www.ebay.com/itm/9SAFETY-WIRE-T ... 0290.m3507


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Re: Wire twisting pliers?

Post by mrintense »

I used these for years in the aviation industry. They are definitely handy but the quality varies from one tool to another. One of the problems I ran into quite often was the locking mechanism not staying locked while twisting.

For stitch and glue, the thing you will need to watch out for is not over-tightening the wires (as it is quite easy to do with these pliers).
Frankly from one I've seen of stitch and glue, the number of panels that must be stitched together is relatively small and consequently the number of twisted wires would be low. $12 isn't much to pay, but they might be a bit overkill for that purpose. They are primarily intended to be used for safety wiring hardware in mechanical applications where tight wire twists are required. Keep in mind that any twists on the boat skins will eventually have to be undone and pulled out. Also, there needs to be some flexibility in the twists in order to move the panels into the position they need to be in before applying the fiberglass tape. Twisting by hand will probably be sufficient since you won't need all that many twists per wire in the first place.

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Re: Wire twisting pliers?

Post by TomB »

I have been admiring the stitch and glue boats here on the forum. It seems like they are mostly using zip ties. At $2 to $3 per 100, would that be a better way to go?

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Re: Wire twisting pliers?

Post by DrBryanJ »

In orthodontics, I have to twist many wires. There are expensive specialty tools to do this, but I find a good locking pliers invaluable (actually I use hemostats which are just like small locking pliers.) I agree with Carl, these might be over-kill. I think a decent pair of vise grips could do the job and have a use for after your build is finished

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