what tool do i need for this job?

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what tool do i need for this job?

Post by Dkah »

hello everyone, i am building on the sissy do, on the plans for the stem it says cut 45 angle as shown in shown in section ss, so my question is what tool do i need to cut this angle out on the stem? thanks, i have no experience with anything wood so all your tips will help.

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Re: what tool do i need for this job?

Post by Jimbob »

Stems are tapered from a point in the front were the two sides meet and then taper back to the rear sides of the stem. I am assuming that your plans specify a 45 degree angle for that taper. It sounds to me that the plans want a specific angle for the sides to rest on. There are any number of tools that could be used. Some might use a belt sander with a course grit belt. Some might use a hand plane or an electric planer. I think I would try a jig saw set at a 45 degree angle. A lot depends on how much material is to be removed and what tool you feel comfortable with.

This is what I would do in order to get an accurate 45 degree angle. First I would mark the front center of the stem. That will be the point where the two sides come a point. Before cutting the angle, I would mark the stem following the curve of the stem starting with the front edge and marking lines moving back every 1/4" or so. You will be using these lines to maintain the curve of the stem. Since you are going for a 45 degree angle, I think I would use a jig saw setting the base of the saw to a 45 degree angle. Make cuts following the lines you made above taking slices until you reach the center line at the front of the stem. I would stop when you are close to that center line. You could then use a belt sander to finish up to the center line.

Anyway, I hope all of this helps.

Jim Neeley
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Re: what tool do i need for this job?

Post by TomB »


On YouTube, Tips from a Shipwright is a great source of "how to" for Sissy Do. He has a series on a sea skiff and another on a sport dory. Building in Plywood from GlenL would also be very helpful.

Now to your question, cutting 45*...Jim's description is for fairing the stem so the side planking lands on something solid and comes to a point as the boat goes through the water. The stem also meets the bottom at about 45*, if that's the 45 in question, I'd cut it with whatever saw you have. I would do the fairing with a belt sander using a 60 or 80 grit belt or a block plane. Mark the centerline and also mark a line down the side of the stem so you don't sand/saw/plane too much.

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Re: what tool do i need for this job?

Post by Ibrew2be »

From what I can tell from the pictures I've seen, it appears that the Sissy Do is much like a 13 foot version of the (10 foot) Imp that I built. The plans for the Imp also call for the stem to be shaped initially on a 45 degree angle.

The way I handled it on my build was with a belt sander. My plans showed a shaded area on the drawing of the stem that represented the material that would be removed in forming the angle. I marked that off on my stem after cutting out and gluing the 2 halves together. That made the process of sanding and getting the angle right pretty straightforward.

The one other thing I'd note is that the angle to be sanded is approximately 45 degrees. Once you get to the stage of the build where you are ready to fit the side planking to the stem, you'll find that you need to fair the stem (i.e. remove additional material) in order to get full contact of the planking with the stem.

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Re: what tool do i need for this job?

Post by yaiboat »

If your working with wood always use gloves. Trust me.

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Re: what tool do i need for this job?

Post by woodman »

I made a pattern out of 1/4" masonite and cut it as close as possible to the paper pattern. I used a jig saw to get it close and sanded it flat to the line.
i also cut both pieces of 3/4" plywood to the pattern.

I then assembled the 2 layers of plywood together with epoxy and # 8 screws as per plans.
I then attached the 1/4" masonite to 1 side of the 3/4" plywood.
i then used a straight triming router bit with a bearing on top with a router mounted to a router table and and cut the shape of the plywood perfectly to the 1/4" pattern.
I then removed the pattern and changed the router bit to a 45 degree 3/4" bit with a bearing on top.
I then adjusted the router bit height to the center of the two layers of plywood.
I then routed 1st one side then the other to a perfect 45 degree angle.
Very easy and close to perfect.

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